So we are all experiencing  the change of season again. Cold wind, rain and humidity are rising with the same rate of the people coughing on  the tube, and once again we are all worried about getting sick and mess up our working schedule or missing out on some events we planned long ago.

And still with all the C vitamins we take, or the oranges we squeeze we manage to get any kind of illnesses and wondering why our neighbour or friend never get one. What I will simply explain today is something that goes far over the idea of “taking medicine X to fix it”.

The human body and its PH balance

I will start stating that the human body is Alkaline by design and Acidic by function.

For who doesn’t know what Alkaline and Acid means,  I will shortly explain it but you can read more about it on another article I published here on by clicking this link

I’ll  start remind you that PH is a logarithmic scale that goes from 1(very acid: hydrocloridic acid) to 14(very alkaline: bleach). The human body in order to function has to maintain its blood PH constantly at level 7.35-7.4 otherwise it simply cannot perform every biochemical reaction and it perishes. Almost every function produce acid wastes.

Breathing: produces carbon dioxide(acid).

Movement: produces Lactic Acid.

Thinking: produces glucose(sugar through the action of cortisol, another acid).

So you can easily see that we are constantly acidifying our body through everything we do, but the blood has to stay neutral therefore the body is constantly in need of alkaline foods. If we don’t have enough, the body starts using our internal resources of calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate(found in our bones and organs), in order to top up the blood and keep us alive.

Few of us know that we all have a certain amount of yeast and fungi in our intestine, and other “friendly” bacteria all over our body that help the system to perform its biochemical functions and keep us in homeostasis(balance). Those organisms, especially the ones in the small intestine, should remain small and “quiet” as long as we introduce a certain amount of alkaline foods.

But when we have an over acidic state of our tissues(remember that the blood have to stay at 7 but the PH of tissues may vary) all these bacteria are literally having a feast of the acids we eat and grow bigger and stronger. You can easily find out that you have an overgrown fungi or yeast if you have that constant crave for sugars.

Guess what is the fungi favourite food? Yes Sugar! So you actually don’t have a sweet tooth but it’s your fungi asking you for more acid foods. It is indeed proven that 98 percent of human population has an over grown fungi and also some sort of parasite or yeast. But do not worry, as it’s always possible to tame a wild dog we can easily tame our fungi without using any medical drug. And I’ll teach you how to.

What acidity has to do with sickness

So if we consider the earth as whole system we can easily see that every animal, bug or plant has its own utility to the ecosystem. Whenever an animal or a plant is not strong enough to perform the task nature assigned to him what happens is that the bacteria will assault it, kill it, decompose it and send it back to the ground where its dead parts will be absorbed and utilised as compost to come back to life in a different form.This alkaline diet plan will keep away colds at all times!_2That what ancient systems call Wheel of Life. And I’ve got news for you: we are animals! So the sickness and disease system it’s nothing but a signal our body sends us that we are not carrying out our task very well. In other words our body is not Alkaline enough and if we keep on going that road we will soon be targeted by every sort of illness starting from cold, fever, headache and so on.

Bacteria act exactly like bees that are going from flower to flower to collect nectar. If a flower has no nectar they will jump to another that has more. The amount and size of bacteria and fungi we have inside us it’s the nectar for other bacteria.

Sickness comes only to the ones who have a friendly environment for the bacteria to come and live in. Imagine that the more acidic we are and the more our body will feel like a great holiday resort for the bacteria that are strolling in the air.

If you catch a disease and your mum or your neighbour doesn’t, simply means that they’re eating more alkaline foods than you and probably they are also eliminating acids better than you.

Which foods are acid, which foods are alkaline?

Acids foods in order are:

1. Sodas and artificial sweeteners(PH 1.5 are literally like poison, even though diet drinks have zero calories they trigger a massively acidic reaction. The body doesn’t know where to store the acids and toxins so it will retain fat and water to protect himself from those!)

2. Meat and fish(especially non organic sources, they’re highly acid and full of toxins)

3. Dairy products(that include milk, ice cream, butter and cream and also whey proteins)

4. Sugars(includes not only table sugar but almost every kind of fruit, be aware especially of fruit juices, even freshly squeezed one. They’re made of the excessively ripe and infested fruit that cannot be sold as single and have a massively acidic and fermenting reaction in the body)

5. Grains and white flower derivate(generally every biscuit, pasta, bread and so on but few grains are actually alkaline like quinoa and chia seeds)

Alkaline foods are: Green vegetables, grasses and few fruits.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have any acid food at all but I suggest here a cleansing diet approach to get rid of the acidity in our body and rebalance it. Once we are back in balance and we cleared our intestine from undigested acid foods like meat and fish we can slowly come back to our balanced diet making sure to keep a balance of 70\30 alkaline acid foods.

Following this approach you will experience this benefits from day 1:

– No more tiredness and chronic fatigue

– Better digestion, better assimilation and better elimination

– No more headache, blocked nose and foggy mind

– A more clear mind, less depression and more vitality

– Generally more oxygen, energy and happiness

A huge loss in weight and water retention (remember that our body stores toxins into fat, accumulates and retains fats to protect himself from acids and retains water around fat).

The plan in action

Before you start you need few tools and supplements on hand:

1. A blender and possibly a juicer

2. A green cleansing powder with wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella etc. (you can easily find a cheap one at the healthy store but try to buy organic)

3. Plenty of filtered or bottled water

Step 1: cleanse

Start with a simple 3 day cleanse. That implies a completely liquid diet made of green juices and smoothies or soups, at least 4 liters of water a day with squeezed lemon between meals and possibly some physical activity that involves sweating. Do not be worried about energy or craving, the greens will give you a dramatic boost of energy and almost satiates you. If you feel the need of chewing you can use chewing gums.

Ideally your day will be structured this way:

– Wake up: warm water plus squeezed lemon to increase straight away your ph.

For breakfast you want either have a fresh green juice with:

– 1 cucumber

– 2 pieces of celery

– 1 green apple

– ginger and green chillies

– few spinach

Drink the juice in  no longer than 5 minutes from when you juiced it or the vitamins will evaporate.

alkaline diet plan_4

If you do not have a juicer you can do a green smoothie. Put in the blender:

– 1\2 cucumber

– 1 green apple

– 1 avocado

– 100g spinach

– 1 very unripe banana

– 200ml filtered or bottled water

Adjust the thickness with more water. It’s going to be pretty big so a good idea is to split it in 2-3 and have it along the day.

Between breakfast and lunch have 1 1\2 liter of water with the green cleanse powder

For lunch have the other half of the smoothie you prepared in the morning

Between lunch and dinner you can have again the smoothie if something is left or another green fresh juice. And of course another 1 1\2 liter of water with green powder.

For dinner you can either have a warm spicy vegetable soup with no meat, fish or starches like potatoes and possibly all liquid or creamy( like a pumpkin, garlic and onion soup with spices)

Before going to bed again a smaller green juice.

If that sounds very extreme remember that is just for a few days and it will result in at least 1 and half KG weight  loss. Be prepared to go to the toilet and eliminate all the undigested food you stored in the past days. You will experience a dramatic increase in energy with a more clear and elastic mind.

Step 2: re-introduce solid foods

After the three day cleanse it’s time to slowly re-introduce solid food possibly having still two green smoothies and two juices every day for the next five days. The solid food you can have should be alkaline so: salads, grains like quinoa, chia seeds, healthy beans, lentils and tofu.

This is a complete list of alkaline and acid foods so that you can adjust yourself what best suits your taste.

Step 3: back to balance

Now that you cleansed and re-balanced your system you can be sure you won’t catch a cold this year as long as you maintain the 70\30 alkaline\acid balance.

You can feel free to have what you like in moderation and if you feel like for few days you went too acidic you can always do a 1 day cleanse to re-balance the PH of your intestine.


Now that you know which foods are good to keep the balance of your system you know how to build a bulletproof shield against every bacterial infection and illness. Keeping an alkaline state of our body is the key to health, vitality and energy…let’s use it and open a world of happiness.

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