Many of us get into a situation where we are always invited out somewhere at the last minute and we don’t have enough time to look our very best. Many of us also don’t know what to do in this circumstance, as most of us also believe there is not enough time to make any dramatic changes. Well… YOU CAN!

There may not be suitable time to burn a lot of fat, but there are two other substances in the body that contribute to our overweight population and these two can be dissipated fast. The first being unwanted storage of food clogging and piling up in your colon, making your stomach bloated. The second is water retention.

We need to eat a lot of fibre and greens. We need to drink a lot of water… yes more water to rid the body of water retention. And stay away from red meats and other foods that can clog the colon.


2 day diet avocado

Here is a simple 2 day diet menu plan, assuming your function is on a Saturday

Thursday and Friday:

– Pre breakfast: Tall glass of lemon water at body temperature
– Breakfast: 100g cooked oats in water. NO DAIRY / MILK. You may use almond or coconut milk. No sugar or -honey but you may use Stevia.
– Snack: Half an avocado with no salt and glass of lemon water
– Lunch: Grilled fish with lots of broccoli or green salad
– Snack: Quest Bar (available from your health food stores or bodybuilding supplement stores)
– Dinner: Grilled fish with lots of asparagus

Bonus tips:

– No salt / sodium
– Take a potassium supplement
– Drink 4-6 Litres of water on Thursday and Friday (2 days prior)
– Drink only 500ml (sipping) on day of the event.
– No sugar or carbohydrates except with the oats in the morning.
– Stay away from anything artificial
– No fruit

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