Strictly Come Dancing is a popular television show viewed and enjoyed by millions, but do you actually know just how  good dancing is for your health? Exercise for many people can be mundane, repetitive and boring. A lot of my clients do not have the motivation to get to the gym. Those people who do make it to the gym find it difficult to push themselves. Then perhaps, the answer you could be looking for is dancing.

Why dancing is good for your health?

Dancing will get your body moving in all directions. These movements will engage muscles in your body you may have forgotten! Life is not a one dimensional journey. Generally speaking exercises in the gym are limited to one or two planes of movement. On the dance floor it is unrestricted, which is why dancing is good for your health. Your body can be moving to the left, right, up or down. The speed at which you move is partly determined by you and partly determined by the beat you are dancing to. It may also be partly determined by those dancing around you (assuming you want to keep up with them!).


Another reason dancing is good for your health is to do with mood. It can help you to unwind from your everyday stresses. I have certain songs I listen to that give me a positive feeling.

There are many forms of dancing. The one that burns the most calories is Zumba. The beauty is that while dancing is good for your health, and helps you burn calories, you are essentially doing what you enjoy. The harder and faster you move while dancing the more you burn.

The more you put into your classes, the more body fat you will leave behind. If you watch Strictly Come Dancing, you will hear the celebrity dancers talking about how much weight they lost while training. Dancing is good for your health because you are losing weight in a healthy and controlled manner. Too many times I have heard stories of people who have managed to lose a significant amount of weight, but at too fast a rate, and therefore unhealthy. A healthy amount of weight to lose per week is around 1-2 lbs (pounds) or 0.5-1 kg.

Why strictly come dancing is good for your health - on the stage

From an osteopathic and personal training perspective dancing is good for your health because:

– You move your body in an unrestricted way

– You articulate your joints, improving your range of movement and flexibility

– Muscles that you do not use on a day-to-day basis are reactivated

– Listening to music which will help keep you motivated to pushing yourself during your dance session

– You will get your heart rate up; thereby increasing the energy you expend and in turn burn some calories/body fat while enjoying yourself!

Please note from a safety perspective, while dancing is good for your health, you must ensure you warm up appropriately and increase your intensity while dancing gradually. Failure to do too much too soon could lead to injury.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once” – Friedrich Nietzsche


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