What shapes our beliefs?

The joke that everyone wants a house, food and laundry has its basis in truth. The human being has basic needs: to seek pleasure and escape from pain is what motivates our actions and affects our entire personality.

According to some experts in Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), these are basic human needs that shape our lives everyday. It is accepted that we cannot live without stability and security; without variety and novelty, or without feeling that we are contributing something. Moreover, we need to feel that we are important, that we are evolving, and most importantly – that we are loved, while building relationships and connections with others and the world in general.


These basic needs will drive us through life, and pillars of these values ​​are the beliefs, mental constructs that determine what seems good, bad, possible or impossible. In childhood, we have no barriers against stimuli that the world offers.

Beliefs are created, based on what we learned from our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, colleagues, the television or books, newspapers and magazines.

In fact it would be impossible not to learn. We are beings with infinite powers of observation , retention of information and data processing in our brain. It is the perfect machine that exists in this world!

children, raising their hand - forming beliefs in childhood

Therefore, unless we find counterexamples for all the statements that have shaped our belief system, it is likely that we will always act, based on this belief system that we have built. And it will act almost like a prophecy, governing different aspects of our life.

Examples of beliefs, governing our life

There is a very common example, based on the need for safety and comfort. A child hears his father say that they will not buy the toy, because “money does not grow on trees”, or they see an advertisement on television of how important it is to have money on a savings account. If indeed the family is faced with situations, where money is a scarce commodity (mother loses her job, the allowance is not enough to buy the game, etc.), it is possible to develop a belief and give an exaggerated value for money.

This financially-related example is realistic enough to help us understand the impact beliefs have on our behaviour. Now imagine the impact of the beliefs we hold about our health and body! If you are not happy with your current health condition, it might be worth reviewing the core values and beliefs that you have shaped for this aspect of your life. One way to go would be creating new beliefs that will strengthen your confidence and self esteem. Why? A good self-esteem means having beliefs and values ​​about yourself that are motivators for healthy living and well being.

How to change your beliefs to improve self esteem

Simply create within you, mental images of you as a healthy and slender person, a happy and fulfilled person. Being able to consistently visualize and create a self image of you as a productive and self sufficient individual will consequently raise your confidence and self-esteem.

money flowing out the window - beliefs about moneyOn top of that, you should aim to always seek counterexamples to the beliefs that are limiting your life. Giving value to your financial situation is very important, but this relationship should be healthy. Remember the times you succeeded in capitalizing your money. These examples will remind you of reality: how can I be a failure with my finances if I’ve been successful before? This ends up reducing the belief and helps in re-framing our belief system into more positive and productive patterns.

So, to change your beliefs for better health and self esteem, keep the focus on the positive, start questioning your limiting behavioural and thought patterns,  and aim to be happier in all aspects of your life!


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