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A Vegan Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

Author: Jackie Vega Registered Dietitian | PT
2016 Feb. 14

According to Vegetarian Times 7.3 million Americans follow a vegetarian eating lifestyle and of those, 1 million are following a vegan diet. As vegetarians, people will not eat meat, poultry and fish […]

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Natural Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Author: Kelly Bentley Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Feb. 11

Ah, the Metabolism – that elusive little thing that we all need to feel and especially look our best.  There are all kinds of information out there from various reputable […]

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The Art of Losing Weight without Stress

Author: Daisy Grace Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Feb. 04

The internet is flooded with tons of articles explaining how to lose weight fast or talking about the latest diet trends and exercises, but no one really explains about the […]

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