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Come and Dance with Natalie Lowe

Author: Guy Holland
2014 Dec. 26

Strictly Come Dancing is dominating the Saturday night ratings again. The BBC flagship programme fills millions of homes every week with the glitter, glamour, fun, dynamism and drama of competitive dance. And in […]

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How to get motivated to lose weight

Author: Alexandre Bortoletto Psychologist, Hypnotherapist
2014 Dec. 09

10 NLP tips to shape up and improve your day Despite our best efforts it is a fact that unfortunately not every day starts well from the moment we wake up. […]

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Mehmet Edip makes a change

Author: John Shepherd GB ATHLETIC COACH And Journalist
2014 Dec. 04

Not everyone who works his way to achieving a great physique has always been athletic and fit. London’s Mehmet Edip, now 28, admits he was addicted to sugary, high-carb foods, […]

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