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Exercises for injuries

Author: Sarah Juggins Sports journalist
2015 Mar. 08

Recovering from injury through activity Anybody who is active will have suffered injury from time to time – hopefully not too often though! And one of the hardest aspects of […]

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Common ankle injuries and how to avoid them

Author: Carla E. Larson Certified Athletic Trainer and Therap...
2015 Feb. 22

Working in the medical and fitness industries when it comes to ankle injuries, or any injury, two of the comments that I hear most often are “ankle injuries are just […]

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Exercises for golfers to prevent back pain

Author: Henry Van der Walt Biokineticist And elite personal trai...
2015 Jan. 29

According to the Titleist Performance Institute low back pain is by far the most common injury picked up by golfers. Data from over 31000 golfers showed a 28% incidence of […]

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Training shoulders safely and effectively

Author: Chetan Singh ACSM Certified Personal Trainer - Cor...
2014 Dec. 25

Whether you are a runner, weight lifter, swimmer or a regular gym goer, everyone has some sort of shoulder issue. Shoulders are used in almost every movement done for your […]

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