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Seven Signs You Are Overtraining

Author: Alexandra Merisoiu Multi-talented fitness professional
2016 Jan. 24

It’s good you are active, you workout and are committed to your goals. But are you overdoing it? Are you over-training?  Training five days a week is OK and you […]

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How to Beat Muscle Cramps

Author: Helena Philippou Personal Trainer
2016 Jan. 08

Most of us have experienced muscle cramping at one point or another. They can range from small annoyances lasting a few seconds, to agonizing spasms that last for several minutes. How […]

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What To Do When Arthritis Affects Your Relationship?

Author: Daisy Grace Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Jan. 05

Arthritis is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation, pain and stiffness of the joints. There are different forms of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It affects the lives of […]

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Exercising with Arthritis

Author: Ketan Gandhi Fitness & Personal Trainers
2016 Jan. 04

The importance of regular exercise for managing arthritis pain cannot be overstated. There is overwhelming evidence that exercise helps in recovery. Do you think you can’t exercise enough to make […]

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7 Most Common Sport Injuries

Author: Leslie Olsen PT | Health Coach | Massage Therapist
2015 Dec. 31

Participating in sports and exercise is good for our health, our wellbeing, our state of mind, it is fun, and of course it helps keeps us slim and trim. However […]

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