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Does peanut butter make you fat?

Author: Summer Marie Groth Kinesiologist, Sports Performance and...
2015 Jun. 20

I’ve heard a lot of different thoughts concerning peanut butter and its nutritional value from other fitness experts, clients, and friends. Statements such as: –        “Peanut butter is really high […]

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Vegan pregnancy: Mission possible

Author: Melanie McGrice Advanced Accredited Practising Dietit...
2015 Jun. 16

Are you planning a vegan diet throughout your pregnancy? Dietitian Melanie McGrice reminds us of the key nutrients vegan mothers-to-be need to focus on for a healthy pregnancy. If you’re vegan […]

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How to go vegan and feel great

Author: Lisa J Lowery-Jones, BSc(Hons), NT Dip Nutritional Therapist
2015 Jun. 14

There are many reasons to switch to a vegan diet. Most vegans I know do it because they don’t want to eat flesh or by-products of dead animals. Some people […]

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