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What’s the Best Way to Treat Pigmentation Issues?

Author: Daisy Grace Health and Lifestyle coaches
2015 Oct. 10

What is pigmentation of the skin? Pigmentation refers to colouring and skin pigmentation issues affect the colour of the skin. Your skin gets natural color from a pigment called melanin. […]

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Fitness Over 50: Mobility Exercises

Author: Sarah Walentynowicz Certified Personal Trainer
2015 Oct. 09

How important is mobility? Mobility is incredibly important for everyone, but is of particular importance to us as we age. Mobility allows us to stoop down to pick something up, […]

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Stop Smoking Immediately

Author: Robin How Clinical Hypnotherapist
2015 Oct. 08

Two huge reasons to stop smoking immediately: Health and Finance You might decide to prolong the date of your death by several years and live to see your loved ones enjoy […]

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