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The Perfect Rules to Build Your Body Pt 1

Author: Lovell Richards Fitness & Personal Trainers
2017 Feb. 28

Everything that works requires an operating system. In humans, our operating systems are our mind, body and our spirit. From infanthood to adulthood our bodies have taken instruction from our […]

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The Benefits Of Going To The Gym

Author: John Monteleone Personal Trainer | Kinesiologist
2017 Feb. 27

The gym, health club or fitness center, whatever the label, it is pertinent to your overall health, fitness and quality of life.  With the prevalence of stress, sedentary lifestyles and […]

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How to Develop a Marathon Mindset

Author: Midgie Thompson Mental Performance and Lifestyle Coac...
2017 Feb. 24

Are you are thinking about doing a marathon but not quite convinced you can do it? Have you signed up for a marathon to raise funds for a charity close to […]

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Do ‘Healthy Foods’ Make You Overeat?

Author: Pollyanna Hale Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Feb. 22

In one camp we have the ‘clean eaters’ who focus on the types of food you eat, prioritising quality over quantity. In the other camp there’s the IIFYM crew who […]

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21 Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

Author: Pollyanna Hale Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Feb. 21

Eating Disorders can be a serious and devastating illness, but like many illnesses chances of recovery are far better if they are caught early. So knowing the signs of an […]

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Anti-Ageing Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Author: Naomi Northen-Ellis Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Feb. 15

The ageing process is something that weighs on the minds of us all at some point and probably with increasing frequency as we move into middle age and beyond… As […]

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How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

Author: Andrew Shepherd Sport and exercise Nutritionist
2017 Feb. 12

Are you getting enough sleep? On average a person requires between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. However in many countries, we are getting between a mere 4-7 hours. We often […]

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How To Cope With Stress

Author: Shannon Dolan ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
2017 Feb. 08

In the fitness industry I would say 90% of the clients I work with come in not only wanting to get in shape but wanting answers to coping with stress. Being […]

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Keep to Your Resolutions!

Author: Michael Keane Strength Coach
2017 Feb. 03

Hey there beautiful people, I wanted to wait a little bit into the New Year before sending this because we all get inundated with new year’s email and promotions. But I […]

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Learn How To Love Yourself

Author: Adrienne Marks ME TIME SPECIALIST
2017 Feb. 02

Learn to love yourself even when you’re the only voice. Is being on your own the worst thing in the world? The reason I’m asking that question is that over […]

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