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Health Benefits of Cumin

Author: Doris Delgado Nutritionist | Health Expert
2015 Nov. 20

Ever wonder what King Tut or Hippocrates used in their medicinal tool box to cure everything from parasites to hypertension? Well, if the title of this article didn’t give enough […]

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Nutrition Tips for Every Age

Author: Dr. Hala Youssef Medical Professionals
2015 Nov. 19

People love to give nutrition tips! Everyone, at some time or other, has either given, or gotten a nutrition tip. Perhaps you have accepted nutrition tips from your best friend […]

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Author: Pollyanna Hale Health and Lifestyle coaches
2015 Nov. 18

Work, studies, children, parents, significant others, family life… it’s no wonder we don’t have all the time we’d like to dedicate to exercise. It seems pretty reasonable to put your […]

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Overcoming Blushing

Author: Michael Cohen Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist
2015 Nov. 17

Have you ever believed yourself to be the centre of attention and that everyone is looking at you? Perhaps someone has singled you out, putting you on the spot by […]

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WatchFit Experts Talk Bacon, Cancer & WHO

Author: WatchFit Team Health and Lifestyle coaches
2015 Nov. 17

Processed meat and cancer Since the World Health Organisation released its report stating that processed and cured meats (yes, including bacon) are a category 1 carcinogenic, cancer-causing substance the internet […]

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