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Healthy New Year Resolutions for Women Pt. 1

Author: Holly Walsh Health and Lifestyle coaches
2015 Dec. 30

Do you remember the New Years Resolution you made for 2015? How did that go for you? Hmmm…….that’s what I thought! Let’s face it, we start out with the best […]

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Anatomy of the Knee Joint

Author: Paolo Busignani Exercise Physiologist
2015 Dec. 29

Athletes in all sports today are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. They also have access to better technology and training methods. One has only to watch a game of […]

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Butter vs Margarine

Author: Haleh Esmaili Nutrition Consultant
2015 Dec. 29

There have never been more butter and margarine options. But do you really know the difference between them? Or which one is the best health choice in diet? Butter and […]

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Brown Fat – What Is It?

Author: Dr. Hala Youssef Medical Professionals
2015 Dec. 28

Who in the world would want more fat on their body? Well, if it’s brown fat, then almost everyone should! There are mainly two types of fat in our body […]

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