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Liu Batchelor Q&A – Part 2

2016 May. 12

Following her 100 Sports in 100 Days challenge Expert Liu Batchelor has gained enormous insight into the benefits of overall balanced fitness.  In the second part of this article Liu discusses […]

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Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

Author: Kelly Benamati Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 May. 10

The divorce rate is right around 50% and it increases a bit each year while effective co parenting decreases significantly. Have you ever been glad you weren’t in someone else’s […]

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My Mental Health – Curse Or Superpower?

Author: Barry and Laura Ash Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 May. 01

Living with bipolar and OCD. Welcome to my life! Stats now are that 1 in 4 people suffers with a mental health illness, be it bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorder, depression, anxiety, phobias […]

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Dealing With Childhood Obesity

Author: Kelly Benamati Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Apr. 26

Sensitive topics like childhood obesity are definitely ones that need to be discussed but many tip toe around them. Fast food restaurants and drive through places make is so easy […]

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6 Myths about Creatine

Author: Matthew Smith Personal Trainer
2016 Apr. 23

Creatine divides some opinion but much of the negative chatter around it is based on myths and misunderstandings. Lets try and put some myths about creatine right here… Myth #1. Creatine […]

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Love On the Brain

Author: Kelly Benamati Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Apr. 19

Ever felt like you couldn’t get that certain someone out of your mind and they continuously keep taking up so much of your time in thoughts?  Are you obsessed with […]

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