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Why Do We Have Food Intolerances?

Author: Helena Philippou Personal Trainer
2016 Aug. 02

Food intolerance testing could have a huge impact on you and seriously improve performance. Here’s how… Many people are unaware that they have food intolerance and can’t understand why they […]

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Dehydration Is Killing You!

Author: Christian Thomson Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Jul. 30

This might sound really daft, but for some reason people really don’t like doing what is probably the most important single factor in staying healthy –  keeping yourself hydrated! Human […]

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Secrets To Stay Motivated

Author: Neil Paterson Personal Trainer
2016 Jul. 29

It is no secret that I am a highly motivated person. Read my articles or talk to me in some form and you will see for yourself! Motivation is key to […]

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