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Surprising facts about sweating

Author: Akos Vekony Physical Education Teacher
2013 Nov. 22

Our body is a wonderful structure. To protect it and to ensure it stays in good health, we need to remove the harmful acids and toxins that results from the […]

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What is the perfect body?

Author: Csilla Javorszki Certified Personal Trainer
2013 Nov. 20

Getting that perfect body is most people’s aim. Your body is one of the greatest wonders of life. It is the showcase for your life, everything you do, or do […]

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Motivation- Amazing discovery!

Author: Sarah Juggins Sports journalist
2013 Nov. 02

Motivation to workout at home I have discovered something amazing… when I am watching someone working really hard on television, my own work rate rises accordingly. In the past, I […]

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Avoid emotional eating

Author: Sarah Juggins Sports journalist
2013 Nov. 01

Changing your eating habits requires knowing yourself and possible obstacles you may encounter, as well as reasons you may eat when you are not hungry. WatchFit Experts change lives! And […]

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