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5 warning signs of a bad diet you may be ignoring

Author: Melanie McGrice Advanced Accredited Practising Dietit...
2014 Jan. 27

As a Dietitian I see so many people, who are willing to sacrifice anything to lose weight.  Although achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is important for good health, it’s […]

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Can a personal trainer really help?

Author: Robert Maric Expert Personal Trainer and Yoga Inst...
2014 Jan. 24

Today’s global commercialization is very present in sport and all types of training / physical activities. In the end it is business and it always offers simple solutions, exercises and […]

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Gluten free diet basics everyone should know

Author: Rob Buckler Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
2014 Jan. 05

Gluten is the protein responsible for making many breads rise, giving them elasticity, texture and shape. So, why would anyone choose to eat a gluten free diet, and can it […]

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