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Keeping in step with the latest class

Author: Joey Bull UK Fitness Champion I Leading Fitness...
2015 Apr. 19

Joey Bull attended a FitSteps workshop and found that it, ‘lifts you up, glides you along and waltzes you around’ to provide a great opportunity for fitness professionals and ultimately […]

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Finding common ground

Author: Alexandra Merisoiu Multi-talented fitness professional
2015 Apr. 18

When people hear I practice Martial Arts, Karate Shotokan, at a competitive level and I also do Obstacle Racing they jump to conclusion that these two sports are so different […]

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Best sources of dietary fiber

Author: Kevin Rail Personal Trainer I Wellcoach
2015 Apr. 15

Here’s an interesting little factoid I bet you didn’t know. When you think of deficiency in the standard American diet, also rightly known as “SAD,” protein or fat is usually […]

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The healthy waist size and how to achieve it

Author: David Koivuranta Chiropractic
2015 Apr. 14

Weight management, or a lack thereof, is a significant contributor to health problems in North America. In fact much of our chronic disease is associated with deviations from our ideal […]

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How your thinking can sabotage long term health goals

Author: Dr Jayme Albin Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Instru...
2015 Apr. 14

In order to maintain long term fitness and health goals it is important to develop mental habits that maintain motivation and positive body image. Here are some cognitive tips and […]

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