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Changing Your Negative Habits

Author: Sandro Torres Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Jan. 05

“Changing is always difficult, but once we believe that we have the ability to find a comfortable balance on our new lifestyle, the new habits are automatic.” – American Council on […]

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Why You Should Try Something New

Author: Talie Melnyk Personal Trainer I Movement Specialis...
2016 Jan. 04

Are you the kind of person that takes exactly the same route to and from work each day? Do you perform your daily routines the same way?  Do you eat […]

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Best Cardio Box Songs

Author: Leslie Olsen PT | Health Coach | Massage Therapist
2015 Dec. 26

The soundtrack to your workout Most of us who train and exercise in any way know the value of music to our efforts. It is an intrinsic part. Music not […]

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