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Shoulder health in youth baseball players

Author: Bruce Buckman Physical Therapist
2014 Jul. 18

Baseball, amongst most other “seasonal” sports, is seldom seasonal in today’s youth population. I find more and more young athletes are becoming injured because they are involved in a single […]

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Kinesiology tape application in fitness

Author: Keith Chittenden  Strength & conditioning| Ma...
2014 Jul. 10

Fitness has evolved over the past 10 years.  Personal trainers have also evolved as the industry has undergone changes.  The public has become more educated about the importance of recreational […]

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The perils of high heels

Author: Sarah Juggins Sports journalist
2013 Sep. 27

Killer heels – they are the wardrobe item of choice for the woman who wants to look powerful, sexy and confident, but while those added inches can make you feel […]

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