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Why the clean food diet is for life

Author: Kathleen Farren Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach
2015 Jan. 18

Wouldn’t it be truly amazing if there was a dietary programme that you could adopt for life that meant that you would never have to ‘diet’ in the traditional sense […]

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10 unexpected foods that contain gluten

Author: Claudia Marques Registered Dietitian
2015 Jan. 15

The gluten-free trend is booming within the developed countries and it has quickly become a way of life. More and more people are now excluding gluten – a protein found […]

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The fermented foods list for a healthy gut

Author: Lisa J Lowery-Jones, BSc(Hons), NT Dip Nutritional Therapist
2015 Jan. 12

80% of the immune system is located within the gut, therefore keeping our gut healthy makes sense. Fermented food has natural probiotics which can improve digestion, boost the immune system, […]

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Low salt foods you can eat at any meal

Author: Sinead Smyth Qualified Clinical Nutritionist
2015 Jan. 05

Salt is so abundant in our diets, from breads to soups to sauces and even biscuits.  Sodium is a necessary electrolyte in the body.  Sodium is one of the three […]

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10 little known muscle building foods

Author: Dr Vilma Brunhuber Medical Doctor I Certified Holistic I...
2014 Dec. 19

When you think about ways to build muscle mass, what comes to mind? Usual suspects include animal protein or isolated protein in the form of powders — especially whey and […]

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