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Men’s Back Workout Part 1

Author: Steven Schmitter Strength and Conditioning Specialist
2015 Nov. 28

Building a massive back is kind of like building a house! And what I mean by that it, if you are missing any resources the final product will be far […]

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Fitness: Where to Start

Author: Cassandra Schmigotzki, neta-cgei Health and Wellness Coach
2015 Nov. 20

Congratulations on your decision to start exercising! You are beginning a wonderful phase on the journey to improve your overall health and wellness.  The path may be littered with bumps […]

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Quick Travel Workout

Author: Sarah Walentynowicz Certified Personal Trainer
2015 Nov. 11

It can certainly be a challenge to stay on track with your fitness program when traveling.   Hotel gyms rarely offer the wide variety of equipment your hometown gym has, […]

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Plyometric Power

Author: Derryn Brown Fitness Model | Personal Trainer
2015 Nov. 09

Improve your performance Many athletes and fitness trainers use plyometric (jumping) exercises to build power and speed, improve coordination and agility and effectively improve sports performance. I’ve put together this workout so that you too can get this type of […]

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