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8 Ways to prevent and treat post-workout fatigue

Author: Bill Wilson, BA, CPT, C.S.C.S. Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
2015 Jun. 09

As trainers, we are always seeing people having problems with their exercise. Aside from finding time, a main problem is that people many times find themselves not feeling as good […]

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How to work out your triceps

Author: Chris Cooper NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2015 Jun. 08

The triceps tend to be one of those spots people point out where they want to lose fat.  People will randomly come up to me and ask me “How do […]

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Sexy ass steps workout

Author: Genevieve Rene Personal Trainer
2015 Jun. 07

During all my practice as a consultant and personal trainer, what comes up the most often is girls telling me they want a sexy ass! Especially in the last year, […]

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Full body workout

Author: Derryn Brown Fitness Model | Personal Trainer
2015 Jun. 07

Repeat the entire sequence of this full body workout 4-5 times, depending on how much time you have. For more alternatives of full body workouts, try the full body dumbbell workout. 1. […]

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