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40 Yard Dash Training

Author: Neil Paterson Personal Trainer
2016 Oct. 04

So why should you even be concerned about 40 yards dash training? Well lets first talk a little about what some coaches and trainers are calling the “Holy Grail of […]

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Muscles Used In Deadlift

Author: Robert Bunnell Strength and Conditioning Specialist ...
2016 Oct. 02

The deadlift is by far one of the most physically demanding exercises that you could perform with free-weights. This structural exercise utilizes vast amounts of your core and lower body […]

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Exercise Plans For Pregnancy

Author: Deme Barlas  coach and massage professional
2016 Sep. 21

There are many misconceptions about being pregnant and work load and expectant mother can take on. One of the most common questions is “Can I exercise safely while pregnant?” The answer […]

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