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Best Cardio Box Songs

Author: Leslie Olsen PT | Health Coach | Massage Therapist
2015 Dec. 26

The soundtrack to your workout Most of us who train and exercise in any way know the value of music to our efforts. It is an intrinsic part. Music not […]

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All I Want For Christmas – Abs!

Author: Joey Bull UK Fitness Champion I Leading Fitness...
2015 Dec. 25

During a visit to Australia I was so delighted to catch up with an old time favourite friend and ex fitness competitor, Lisa Morgan. Despite our competitive history of sharing […]

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Get Fit: Christmas HIIT workout

Author: Rebecca Clem Personal Trainer/Nutrition specialist...
2015 Dec. 24

So the countdown is to Christmas is here We are greeted with colder weather, longer lines at shops, relatives arriving and a shortage of time to get everything ready! We […]

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An Effective Approach to Training

Author: Chris Zaremba Fitness Consultant
2015 Dec. 24

This document describes the approach that I have adopted for training. This system is working great for me, and also produces results for my personal training clients. Please feel free […]

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