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Abs-olutely Easy Workouts For Women

2016 Feb. 25

The longer you spend in the fitness world, the more you realize there are a number of topics and questions that seem to re-surface every few weeks. One of the […]

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Special Workout to Get Beyonce’s Glutes

Author: Josh Gangaware Fitness and Strength Coach
2016 Feb. 21

Beyonce is known for a few things: being a talented singer and dancer, her relationship with Jay­Z, and having a great body – most notably her glutes! While some of her […]

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Why Using a Foam Roll Is Important

Author: Talie Melnyk Personal Trainer I Movement Specialis...
2016 Feb. 19

Foam rolling has been around for decades! Since the 1980s’ athletes, dancers, and physical therapists have been using foam rollers as a way to treat sore muscles and gain better […]

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100 Squats for 30 Days Challenge

Author: Lovell Richards Fitness & Personal Trainers
2016 Feb. 19

I’m pretty sure that by now, you have at some point heard about squats. It’s one of the favourite exercises amongst the ladies in the gym, and the guys are […]

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Benefits of Fitness Practice Over 65

Author: John Monteleone Personal Trainer | Kinesiologist
2016 Feb. 19

Achieving and maintaining mental and physical health should be a long term for everyone. With the advancements of today’s medicine and public health, people are living and fuller lives. Why not […]

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The Trap Bar Deadlift: What, Why & How

Author: Chris Cooper NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2016 Feb. 17

Deadlifts are awesome Studies show that they make you 100% more badass. In addition to that, they also have a tremendous carryover into sports and activities of daily living. They […]

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