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HIIT Belly Bootcamp

Author: Lisa Dunn Fitness & Personal Trainers
2016 Jan. 29

If running on a treadmill for longer than 10 minutes is your idea of hell, then HIIT may be the answer to helping shed some of that unwanted fat that […]

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Parkour or Gym: The Ultimate Face-Off

2016 Jan. 27

I’m a fan of Parkour, and though I always try and stay objective in my writing, I think you may already know where this article is going to go. I […]

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5×5 Strength Training Workout

Author: Josh Gangaware Fitness and Strength Coach
2016 Jan. 24

There are very few workout programs that have such an all encompassing fitness effect as the 5×5 protocol. The idea behind the programming is very simple, but the benefits are astounding; whether […]

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Seven Signs You Are Overtraining

Author: Alexandra Merisoiu Multi-talented fitness professional
2016 Jan. 24

It’s good you are active, you workout and are committed to your goals. But are you overdoing it? Are you over-training?  Training five days a week is OK and you […]

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