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Surprising facts about sweating

Author: Akos Vekony Physical Education Teacher
2013 Nov. 22

Our body is a wonderful structure. To protect it and to ensure it stays in good health, we need to remove the harmful acids and toxins that results from the […]

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Exercising for weight loss

Author: Michael Midgley Certified Personal Trainer
2013 Nov. 19

When it comes to weight loss, we would all like a quick solution. If you are asking yourself “How can I lose my tummy ?” or if you feel more like […]

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Body-image according to science

Author: Sarah Juggins Sports journalist
2013 Nov. 01

This is a typical conversation, that psychological researchers have named ‘fat talk,’ the body-denigrating conversation between girls and women. WatchFit Experts change lives! And they can do the same for […]

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Running to lengthen your life

Author: WatchFit Team Health and Lifestyle coaches
2013 Oct. 29

Jog your way to a longer life It is something that the running community has known for years, but now science is also backing up the anecdotes. Running is good […]

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