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My top 5 weight training exercises

Author: Kelly Clay Trainer | Strength Coach
2014 Apr. 29

I have selected 5 weight training exercises that I find, for both the beginner and the elite athlete, are the most beneficial to build muscle.  These exercises can be changed […]

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Bokwa: the new cardio madness

Author: John JJ Hewitt Health & Lifestyle Coach
2014 Apr. 28

Welcome to Bokwa Bokwa? What’s a Bokwa you may ask? But before we go into that, let me ask you..do you like to dance? We’ve all enjoyed a boogie down at our local […]

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The ultimate guide to outdoor cycling for weight loss

Author: Leslie Olsen PT | Health Coach | Massage Therapist
2014 Apr. 19

Bike Types Road, Touring, Triathlon/Time Trial, Flat-Bar, Track/Fixed-Gear, Mountain, Hybrid, Cruisers, City, BMX, Folding, Recumbent, Tandem, Adult Tricycles, and even the Unicycle.  Bicycles range in price from under $100.00 to […]

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Is muscle soreness after workout good or bad?

Author: Edward Griffin Personal Trainer
2014 Apr. 17

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) describes the feeling of muscle pain, muscle soreness or muscle stiffness that you feel the day or two after exercise. This muscle soreness or discomfort […]

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Cycling like a pro – 6 game-changing tips

Author: Katie Colclough Professional Cyclist
2014 Apr. 15

Although as a professional athlete you’re always seeking to go the extra mile and paying attention to the marginal gains, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. I’ve selected 6 […]

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