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What the best weight loss apps have in common

Author: Karlton Meadows Body Engineer
2014 May. 26

Well the most obvious commonality would be the coveted superlative title of, “the Best”. Various “authorities” have weighed in on this topic and shared what the not so obvious contributors […]

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Are weight loss apps a waste of time?

Author: Sara Sahr Personal Trainer
2014 May. 22

It seems like pretty simple, straightforward math. To gain one pound, eat 3,500 more calories than your body needs. To lose one pound, do the opposite. How to put this […]

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Anytime Anywhere Bikini Circuit Workout

Author: Alvina Cloete Master Trainer I Lifestyle Coach
2014 May. 21

For many of us Summer is around the corner, which means ladies, it’s almost time to be bikini ready! Most women let things slide during winter, packing on the pounds, […]

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Easy at home core workout plan

Author: Michael Midgley Certified Personal Trainer
2014 May. 17

Whether you are a regular gym goer or new to exercise there is one thing you need to give priority to. Your core fitness! Fortunately this is something that you […]

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