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Can sex help you to lose weight?

Author: John JJ Hewitt Health & Lifestyle Coach
2014 Feb. 27

Sex. One of the most natural (and pleasurable) way to exercise! It’s also one that requires no expenditure. The term “healthy sexual appetite” is never more apt, as it really can […]

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9 Non Boring Cardio Exercises

Author: Matthew Smith Personal Trainer
2014 Feb. 08

Say the word cardio to someone, and they will instantly think of running, cycling, or swimming. Agree? But cardio is really any movement that increases the heart rate and respiration […]

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Fasted Cardio….Good or Bad?

Author: Craig Suckling Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Feb. 01

For many of us, whether we are physique competitors, models, or just every day individuals, our primary goal is to loose as much bodyfat as we can. An ongoing debate […]

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