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5 fast-sculpting arm exercises without weights

Author: Luis Velez Athletic Trainer I Strength and Condi...
2014 Jun. 18

In today’s society, having a convenient approach to working out go a long way in promoting fitness. Calisthenics, which are exercises using the body’s weight can be used and varied […]

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15 benefits of running that never crossed your mind

Author: Leslie Olsen PT | Health Coach | Massage Therapist
2014 Jun. 14

Let’s face it, unless you are ‘a runner’ the average individual hates running.  Similar to any athletic endeavor, running takes devotion and commitment, especially getting past that first mile hump.  […]

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Top 5 recommended exercise for diabetics

Author: Samson Hodin Personal Trainer
2014 Jun. 13

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which results in someone’s blood sugar being high. Exercise is recommended for diabetics in order to help the body to regulate blood sugar levels […]

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Kim Kardashian bikini body tricks

Author: Jackie Vega Registered Dietitian | PT
2014 Jun. 12

Kim Kardashian has the fame, successful, celebrity husband, new adorable baby girl and of course, the curves! If you are a celebrity watcher, you will surely know that a year ago […]

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“Must do next” TRX training exercises

Author: Jason Noble Strength coach/personal trainer
2014 Jun. 11

The TRX suspension training system has burst its way onto the scene, and odds are if you have a gym membership, you have seen the TRX straps somewhere inside your […]

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