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The best type of shoes for your workout

Author: Michael Keane Strength Coach
2014 May. 29

We all like to have the newest technology and the same goes for shoes. From air max to sketchers to skeleton shoes to minimalist workout shoes, people want the newest, […]

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Hot and effective sexercises

Author: Helena Philippou Personal Trainer
2014 May. 28

We have all read the benefits of having regular sex can have on one, not only does it serve it’s purposes physically, but also mentally. With endless studies carried out in […]

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What the best weight loss apps have in common

Author: Karlton Meadows Body Engineer
2014 May. 26

Well the most obvious commonality would be the coveted superlative title of, “the Best”. Various “authorities” have weighed in on this topic and shared what the not so obvious contributors […]

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