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Get fit with a low impact workout

Author: Sara Sahr Personal Trainer
2014 Jul. 21

The aging process starts around 25-30 years of age when the production of Growth Hormone (somatropin/HGH) by the pituitary gland begins to decrease and all body cells begin to renew […]

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Fitness bootcamp: go beyond your body and mind limits

Author: Alvina Cloete Master Trainer I Lifestyle Coach
2014 Jul. 14

A bootcamp is generally an outdoor fitness class instructed by a qualified personal trainer. Minimal (if any) equipment and no coordination required like with so many aerobic type classes. These […]

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Outdoor workouts benefits and equipment

Author: Nicolás Y. Góngora Aréchar Strength and Conditioning Specialist
2014 Jul. 13

Let´s talk about outdoor workouts! Well, everybody knows about the benefits of exercise but let’s review. There are overall benefits if we complete the minimum standards of exercise, which are: Cardiorespiratory Fitness […]

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5 fun & dynamic outdoor workouts for kids

Author: Kevon Plouffe Strength Coach I Personal Trainer
2014 Jul. 11

Summer’s here! It’s time to get outside with your family, be healthy, and have fun! We are well aware of the high rates of childhood obesity, but how do we […]

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