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Best calf trx exercises for women and men

Author: Joe Batista Strength Coach I Personal Trainer
2014 Aug. 08

The last few years has seen an explosion of popularity for suspension trainers like the TRX. This explosion is for good reason! You can work every part of the body […]

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Ab workouts done right

Author: Nick Rosencutter Strength and Conditioning Coach I Man...
2014 Jul. 31

Ab workouts are and have been a huge hype in the world of training and fitness for as long as many can remember.  Everybody wants to have a “shredded” midsection […]

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Hypnosis and sports performance

Author: Michael Cohen Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist
2014 Jul. 26

What have ASP tour surfer Russell Winter, Beijing Olympic champions Vince Hancock and Steve Hooker have  in common? They have all used sports hypnosis to enhance their performance. Hypnosis and […]

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