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The Red’s Love Handles Workout

Author: Chloe The Red Accelerated Body Transformation & Com...
2014 Aug. 21

Love handles, muffin top or the more academic ally acceptable: supra-iliac sub cutaneous, adipose tissue , whatever you want to call it, if you have them, love handles are an absolute nightmare […]

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Bikini body build: ab workout for women

Author: Carolyn Appel NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Aug. 20

“Carolyn, can we leave some time at the end to work on abs?” “Nina, we’ve been working on abs the entire session.” I’ve encountered this scenario many times over the […]

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Must-do-next TRX exercises for beginners

Author: Chris Cooper NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Aug. 18

If you haven’t heard of the TRX by now, or the very least, suspension training, you may have been living under a rock for the past 4 years.  I was […]

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