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5 new fat burning exercises to try this month

Author: Chris Piemonte ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Oct. 02

Not too long ago, if you wanted to lose weight, you jumped on the treadmill and started running. Times have definitely changed, and so have the ways we burn fat. […]

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Cardio HIIT secrets that will boost your results

Author: Joshua Williams Strength and Conditioning Coach
2014 Oct. 01

There is no secret about it; cardio HIIT is a very effective way to lose body fat. But some ways of doing HIIT are more effective than others. You’ve probably heard the […]

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9 common strength training exercise mistakes to avoid

Author: Bill Wilson, BA, CPT, C.S.C.S. Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Oct. 01

Let’s face it…….many of us begin an exercise routine only to become disappointed and frustrated that we are not making any noticeable progress. We try to make changes only to […]

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The butt lift workout that delivers

Author: Elsie Velazquez ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 30

I think every woman will agree with me when I say that we want to look as good exiting a room as we do entering it.  Over the years, without […]

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Grow taller exercises that are simple, but work

Author: Sarah Walentynowicz Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 28

One of the fastest ways to look taller (and leaner!) is to work on the muscles that stabilize and control your posture:  your core. Contrary to popular belief, your “core” […]

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5 best hamstring exercises for super shapy legs

Author: BJ Grondin Movement Therapist | Performance Enha...
2014 Sep. 27

To best train the hamstrings we first have to know what they do. Let’s take a look; in a prone position or even seated non-weight bearing, our hamstrings perform knee […]

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9 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Running

Author: Shannon Dolan ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 27

Most people know that getting 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week can ward off many diseases, reduce stress, and can keep you looking and feeling your […]

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A heavy rope workout for lean legs

Author: Joe Batista Strength Coach I Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 26

  If you are not using heavy ropes in your workout routines, it’s time to make a change. Battle ropes are an easy way to get a full body workout, […]

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