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Teatox diet – will it do you any good?

Author: Matthew Smith Personal Trainer
2014 May. 07

Brace yourselves people, there’s a new diet fad about to sweep the nation, it’s called the Teatox Diet and it’s becoming insanely popular through promotion on sites such as Instagram […]

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6 Easy Ways to Follow the Mediterranean diet

Author: Tim Moore Personal Trainer
2014 May. 04

So, you’ve probably heard all the hype about The Mediterranean Diet; America’s newest diet trend. What makes this diet so beneficial? Research from the Mayo Clinic suggests that “the traditional […]

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A low carb diet plan for vegetarians

Author: Aradhana Sharma Nutritionist | Health & Wellness ...
2014 May. 03

Planning a diet that does not include meat sounds difficult, and to make this a low carb diet can be quite challenging. Vegetables, fruits and cereals are the main sources […]

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Effective diet plan for a pear shaped body type

Author: Francesca Alvergue Vegan Nutritionist | Dietician Coach
2014 May. 01

“Balance the top of your body by eating a clean diet.” Apples and pears are more than simple choices in your supermarket, they are a way of describing certain body […]

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