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Food for fitness: sweet potato pancakes

Author: Dr Vilma Brunhuber Medical Doctor I Certified Holistic I...
2015 Jan. 18

Do you like pancakes?  Who doesn’t!  I love them too.  I grew up in Lithuania, where potatoes are a staple food with almost every meal.  But after eating a serving […]

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Why the clean food diet is for life

Author: Kathleen Farren Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach
2015 Jan. 18

Wouldn’t it be truly amazing if there was a dietary programme that you could adopt for life that meant that you would never have to ‘diet’ in the traditional sense […]

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10 unexpected foods that contain gluten

Author: Claudia Marques Registered Dietitian
2015 Jan. 15

The gluten-free trend is booming within the developed countries and it has quickly become a way of life. More and more people are now excluding gluten – a protein found […]

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The fermented foods list for a healthy gut

Author: Lisa J Lowery-Jones, BSc(Hons), NT Dip Nutritional Therapist
2015 Jan. 12

80% of the immune system is located within the gut, therefore keeping our gut healthy makes sense. Fermented food has natural probiotics which can improve digestion, boost the immune system, […]

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Coconut oil health benefits and weight loss

Author: Susan Brough Nutritional Therapist
2015 Jan. 11

Coconut oil is a saturated fat! Despite all the hype some saturated fats are good for us! And coconut oil appears to one of those. All fats are made up of […]

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How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight?

Author: Susanne Winchester Certified Personal Trainer
2015 Jan. 10

Many people looking to lose weight as part of their New Year’s resolutions are asking the question:  how long does it take to lose weight? The answer is different for […]

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A cleanse diet plan to rip off holiday fat

Author: Davide Alfonsi Body & MIND SPECIALIST
2015 Jan. 09

So it’s after Christmas time finally. We all enjoyed ourselves. We already let our stomach expand to the limit and swallow every sort of sweet and treat…and don’t forget about […]

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5 bloat-beating low salt recipes

Author: Judy Watson Nutritional Therapist
2015 Jan. 09

Is your bloating due to too much sodium in your diet? Many people are aware that salt can increase blood pressure but not link it to bloating! Bloating can be […]

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Pairing of Exercise Style and Nutrition for Building Muscle

Author: Bill Wilson, BA, CPT, C.S.C.S. Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
2015 Jan. 08

When it comes to good health and exercise, most of the world now recognizes that we must do cardiovascular exercise along with resistance training exercise….the former for good heart/vascular system […]

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