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Best Natural Remedies for Headaches

Author: Carolina Brooks Registered Nutritional Therapist, Her...
2015 Oct. 31

hat are headaches caused by? If someone comes to see me and says they are suffering headaches – my first instinct is to look at the diet. Dietary Factors – […]

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Paleo Breakfast Bread

Author: Pete Evans Chef | Paleo Ambassador | Restaurateu...
2015 Oct. 30

Celebrate the paleo diet! This week’s exclusive offering from celebrity chef and paleo diet guru Pete Evans is another wonderful dish which will be an ideal addition to your weekend […]

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How Does Overhydration Happen?

Author: Dr. Kristin Medical Professionals
2015 Oct. 29

Does over hydration really exist? Is there such a thing as being over hydrated? It’s hard to believe there could be when we are often told we need to drink […]

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7 Simple Rules of Nutrition

Author: Michael Keane Strength Coach
2015 Oct. 27

Long term balanced nutrition instead of trendy diets With so many fad and yo-yo diets out there it can be hard to decipher what is good advice and what is […]

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Endurance Nutrition: Eat to Keep Going

Author: WatchFit Team Health and Lifestyle coaches
2015 Oct. 25

It’s hardly any secret that for optimum sports/fitness performance you need the right nutrition. Intense training for endurance sports in the gym or on the field must be supported by an optimal nutrition plan in order […]

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