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Failed Diet Trends of 2015

Author: Bonnie Giller Registered Certified Dietitian Nutrit...
2016 Jan. 16

Now that 2015 is over, we can review the diet trends that have infiltrated us over the last year. Some diets are interesting and others are flat out ridiculous. You […]

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Paleo Chai Smoothie

Author: Pete Evans Chef | Paleo Ambassador | Restaurateu...
2016 Jan. 15

It wasn’t so many years ago that Chai was a bit of a mystery to most people, in fact it was probably entirely unknown to most. However, with the growth […]

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Personalize Your Diet Plan: Step 2

Author: Pollyanna Hale Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Jan. 15

So you’ve established your goals in Step 1, here’s what to do to personalise your diet, get results and feel great. You’ve gained weight Have you also gained muscle (shown […]

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Saturated Fats: Eat Them or Avoid Them?

Author: Afroditi Loukakou Dietitians & Nutritionists
2016 Jan. 12

The effect of saturated fat on different health problems is controversial. The main sources of saturated fat in the diet are: meat, poultry skin, meat products, whole milk and dairy […]

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New Year Diet Cleanse

Author: Kerry Madgwick Health and Lifestyle coach
2016 Jan. 11

Happy New Year! Did you have a fabulous festive season and enjoy the excesses that go with it – all the eating and drinking? Well now it is time to […]

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Give Your Workout & Diet a New Spin

Author: Denise Grixti Personal Trainer | FAT LOSS Coach
2016 Jan. 09

It’s the new year and January is always the best time to take stock, look at what you’ve been doing and make some changes where necessary. And that applies as […]

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Ways to Naturally Boost Your Collagen

Author: Alison Aldred Nutritional Therapist
2016 Jan. 08

Natural collagen is the latest trend and big business! It is hailed as the best way to beat the wrinkles and get younger looking skin, and athletes are also using […]

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How to Beat Muscle Cramps

Author: Helena Philippou Personal Trainer
2016 Jan. 08

Most of us have experienced muscle cramping at one point or another. They can range from small annoyances lasting a few seconds, to agonizing spasms that last for several minutes. How […]

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