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Current Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing (London)

We’re looking for a capable Digital Marketing Manager to be part of a dynamic start-up team producing high-quality, innovative products and reaching a significant global audience with daily articles and downloadable products by amazing international Experts.

What you’ll be doing: WatchFit has an exciting opportunity for a candidate looking to further their Digital Marketing experiences and expertise. The successful candidate will work as part of a vibrant team and will fulfil a dynamic marketing role.

We need a strong communicator with a creative mind, an eye for detail and a hands on approach.

You will:

  • Understanding how a tech start-up builds its marketing mix to deal with complex consumer behaviours

  • Establishing and optimise online marketing campaigns

  • Planning and execute of offline marketing campaigns

  • Understand key performance indicators

  • Produce regular digital marketing analytics reports for the purpose of developing and adjusting marketing plans and campaigns

  • Develop and drive our content and email marketing strategy

  • Developing digital assets

  • Assist on marketing and public relations projects with key partners and supporters

Requirements :

  • You have the necessary permissions to work in the UK

  • Experience in digital marketing
  • A career in marketing is your focus

  • Excellent writing and communication skills

  • You are highly organised, dependable and proactive

  • You enjoy working in a team

  • You are comfortable working in a fast paced and dynamic environment

  • You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite

  • University graduate in marketing, advertising or communications is desired

  • You have a capacity for hard work and the time available to dedicate yourself fully to the role

  • A genuine interest in health & fitness is a benefit!

To apply please send your CV to jobs@watchfit.com

SEO Editor (London)

Location – WatchFit office, London, E1

Position type – Full time SEO Editor

WatchFit has over 700 Contributing Experts and this is expanding all the time. Our Experts provide all content and this has to be edited, shaped and optimised to present in the best possible way and perform as well as possible on Google.

  • Work within the Editorial team receiving, uploading, optimising and scheduling articles on a daily basis. Overseeing this process from top to bottom

  • Using WordPress. Creating all meta tags and meta descriptions

  • Sourcing appropriate images from library and placing with articles

  • Liaising with WatchFit Expert Contributors from all over the world, ensuring good channels of communication between WatchFit and Experts at all times

  • Helping research and generate the weekly article topics we send out to Experts to generate up to date relevant content

  • Assistance in editing articles once uploaded.


  • Necessary permission to work in the UK

  • A genuine interest in health and fitness is helpful

  • Experience in WordPress use and understanding and implementing of effective SEO

  • Ability to communicate clearly and confidently with health professionals around the world

  • Dependability.  Able to organise self and work through tasks methodically and efficiently

  • An aptitude for hard work

  • Enjoy working in a fun, fast moving team environment

  • Confidence to voice opinions and share ideas – they are always welcome!

Anybody joining WatchFit will be given the warmest of welcomes and easily integrated into the team.

Team members will always be encouraged to bring their own skills and ideas which will be developed and allowed to flourish.

To apply please send your CV to jobs@watchfit.com

Who Are We?

WatchFit is a fast growing tech start-up in the vast global market that is  Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Diet.

We are looking to fill a number of new positions in our fast evolving team. This is a fantastic opportunity to play an exciting and significant role in an exciting company working in two of the world’s biggest sectors – health and tech. WatchFit is delivering new levels of inspirational, motivational and informative plans to guide people to greater health and fitness. It is also fast becoming a massive information and resource hub for articles provided by experts all around the globe. Among the experts are Olympic Champions, World Champions, TV stars, academics, best selling authors and world renowned authorities.

Contact us at jobs@watchfit.com.

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