We generally sleep about a third of our life. Without water or food we can survive longer than sleep deprivation. This emphasizes the importance of sleep in insuring a good health and creating a balance in our organs. With following several rules we can enhance a healthy sleep and subsequently a healthy and more productive life.

1. Try to have a fixed sleep and waking schedule on week-days and weekends. This can be challenging at the beginning but our body gets synchronized with this natural pattern and it will eventually become easy to maintain.

2. Try to sleep not less then 7 and ½ hours every night and avoid daytime nap. Sleep requirement is longer for teens and teenagers.


3. Avoid eating or drinking close to bedtime.

4.  Try to create a bedtime habit. This could be taking a hot shower, reading a book, listening to a light music or anything else that relaxes you.

5. Remove TV from the bedroom

6.  Avoid caffeine. Caffeine remains in your system for around 8 hours. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, cola or even chocolate are stimulant for brain and would keep you awake.

7. Avoid late exercise and instead try to exercise during the day. Daily exercise on the right time promotes sleep.

8.  Avoid nicotine especially close to bedtime. Nicotine is stimulant and similar to caffeine it will keep you awake.

9. Avoid alcohol. People often think that alcohol has a sedating effect and therefore is good for insomnia. The act is alcohol will help you to fall in sleep easier but will disturb your sleep during second half of the night. Additionally, withdrawal could lead to insomnia

10. If you can’t fall in sleep within 20 minutes get out of the bed and read a book or listen to a light music under a dimmed light until you feel sleepy. Only then, return to your bed. This approach will eventually ensure that your brain associates the bed with sleep. Always remember that the bed is a place to sleep and not to get engaged in stimulating activities or tossing and turning for hours.

11. If you have a fear of not falling asleep, convince yourself that you don’t mind when you fall asleep. Remember to build up a positive attitude toward sleep. Do not watch the clock periodically.

12. Use your bed just for sleep and sex!

Enjoy your sleep tonight!


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