When it comes to losing weight, hormones play a significant role.

Hormones contribute to fat storage in certain areas, and this is why balancing hormones can help you fight stubborn fat. Ever heard the expressions ‘bingo wings’ or ‘thunder thighs’, and  even ‘beer belly’ being thrown around? Now we have them words out the way, we can give these body parts more pleasant terms, such as triceps, thighs, and stomach!

At this point already, I’m sure someone  is saying,  ‘Yes, I have that!’ Now, don’t be alarmed if you have done 1000’s of tricep extensions with no effect, or even hundreds of squats with still no effect.  In fact, you can’t target a specific area to burn fat, because your body will burn fat but from all over, no matter what type of exercise you are doing! Yes, these exercises will help you strengthen and tone, but to really achieve weight and fat loss for specific areas of your body, you may need to look deeper into the subject of hormonal weight loss.


Тo achieve weight loss through hormonal balancing, we first need to match each hormone with the correct area of the body.

Tricep & Pecs

If you are storing еxtrа body fat in these areas,  this would suggest to me that you have too much of the hormone testosterone. Now, here are a few ways to help lower your testosterone:

1. Lose weight. Yeah, this one is pretty much a given, but studies show that lowering your fat intake can help lower your testosterone.

2. Cut out sweets. One very simple way to see an improvement in your hormone levels is to cut down on the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates you consume. These substances cause high blood pressure, which results in high insulin levels. This in return stimulates the ovaries to produce more male hormones.

An easy guide to balancing hormones for weight loss

Back Fat & Love Handles

This would suggest too much of the hormone insulin in your body. Yes, a low-carb diet would help in your hormone balancing weight loss quest, but we  definitely don’t want to completely cut carbs from our menu.  Try getting your carbs from non-starchy carbs sources like veg, green beans, salads and grapefruit. A good idea before reducing the amount of carbs you consume, please consult your nearest expert, as the amounts will vary from person to person, depending on their sensitivity and activity levels.

Belly fat

This means stress. When we are stressed, our body releases a hormone, called cortisol. The disruption of cortisol can affect where you put on the weight. Studies have shown that an increase in cortisol tends to cause fat deposition in the abdominal area, rather than the hips. Here are some ways that can help you reduce your cortisol levels:

An easy guide to balancing hormones for weight loss

1. Cut back or eliminate drinks with caffeine in them, аs caffeine causes a spike in your cortisol level.

2. Cut out processed food. Processed food causes an increase in blood sugar, which in turn makes you feel anxious.

3. Get Laughing! Yeah really! Laughter can actually curb your body’s production of cortisol. Find yourself a funny friend or sit down in front of the comedy channel every now and then!


The hormone estrogen is responsible for fat storage in the thighs.  If your diet plan lacks enough protein, and is mainly composed of ‘bad’ foods, this will cause your testosterone levels to be low. Testosterone is easily converted into estrogen, as they are very identical. Now we have a high estrogen level and this hormonal imbalance makes it harder for us to lose weight, as we start storing fat in our thighs.

What can we do?
1st – Cut back on bad carbs. What are these bad carbs and foods, I hear you ask. These are cereals, breads, pasta (white), sweets, chocolate, high sugar foods. A good start would be to swap cereals and toast for a protein breakfast like egg or chicken.
2nd – Exercise to burn fat! Alternate low and high intensity cardio exercise throughout the week.  Do high intensity training for 20 minutes and low intensity for 20-25 minutes, three times a week.

An easy guide to balancing hormones for weight loss

These are the simple rules to remember when balancing hormones for weight loss. Indeed, paying attention to your hormones can finally help you lose the extra body fat in the area you have been longing for! And which is this area for you?


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