Changing your eating habits requires knowing yourself and possible obstacles you may encounter, as well as reasons you may eat when you are not hungry.One helpful tip for those who tend to overeat due to stress or boredom may benefit from chewing mint flavored sugarless gum in place of food when you are not hungry or during times of stress. Not only does it keep your mouth occupied in place of food, the mint flavor is also an appetite suppressant and diminishes thoughts of food. The act of chewing gum has also been shown in studies to help reduce the stress itself and improve productivity. Other ways to deal with emotions like stress or anxiety in a more healthy way is taking walks outside, exercise, Yoga v pilates, or simply spending time with family or friends. If you tend to be an emotional or stress eater or if you have trouble controlling your eating habits, an introspective look at the underlying cause is often helpful because it allows you to tackle the problem itself in other ways and regulate your eating habits.


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