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Upgrade Your Workout: Level Up!

Author: Chris Cooper NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2016 Apr. 14

Have you ever played any RPG games? Something like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy? They can be addictive once you get into them. The quest to get better is never ending […]

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are meal replacement shakes healthy?

Author: Neil Damerell Lifestyle coach & Personal Traine...
2016 Apr. 08

In today’s society it seems that were continually being sold the latest health drink or protein shake that will make us leaner, fitter and stronger. But what are the reasons […]

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How To get over an emotional affair

Author: Kelly Benamati Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Apr. 06

In this forever changing world full of erratic emotions some days and calm cool collected ones the next, we must find a good balance of controlling our emotions for optimal health! Our emotions […]

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