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Are The Most Popular Diets Effective? Part 1

Author: Pollyanna Hale Health and Lifestyle coaches
2016 Jun. 22

It’s a sorry fact that today more people in developed countries are either overweight and/or dieting than those who aren’t. Being on a diet is so common that we are […]

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Laine D’Souza Q&A – Part 1

Author: Laine d'souza Personal trainer, gRoup fitness Coach
2016 Jun. 21

WatchFit is delighted to introduce Expert Laine D’Souza; CrossFit athlete, fitness expert and mother of two! Get to know Laine in our exclusive Q&A. 1) You are clearly held in […]

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5 Nutrient-Dense Apple Recipes

Author: Shevonne Norman Dietitians & Nutritionists
2016 Jun. 19

I am forever scouring for recipes, amending and adapting them to make them more nutrient dense while also ensuring they are affordable, quick and easy to make (well, within reason). […]

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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Author: Adrienne Marks ME TIME SPECIALIST
2016 Jun. 17

Are E-ciagarettes safe? Good question! I’ve done a lot of research and it would appear that even the experts at this stage of the game are not really sure. So […]

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