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What would it take for Santa to lose weight?

Author: Tom Legath Fitness and Health Coach
2013 Dec. 12

  Santa Claus delivers toys to the millions of kids around the world every year on Christmas Eve.  His job is so crazy around this time of year, it’s no […]

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10 Superfoods that fight colds

Author: Yumna Sadiq Registered dietitian
2013 Dec. 11

Are there really superfoods that fight colds? Well, the “Cold Season” is here, so let’s find out. Winter is here and with it comes jackets, sweaters, mufflers, gloves and boots!! […]

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7 ways to manage Christmas stress

Author: Jenny Radcliffe Clinical Health Psychologist
2013 Dec. 09

Looking forward to Christmas? Happy thoughts of turkey, Christmas pudding and carollers, joyful children, opening presents by the glow of an open fire? Or already feeling overwhelmed with a maxed […]

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