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How does exercise reduce or prevent osteoporosis ?

Author: Dr Janet Brill Nutritionist and Award-Winning Author
2013 Nov. 26

Osteoporosis is a debilitating, bone-cracking disease that afflicts millions of older people. It usually strikes as people reach their 60s. It affects both women and men, although it is more common in […]

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Benefits of protein and 5 things to know!

Author: WatchFit Team Health and Lifestyle coaches
2013 Nov. 24

Health benefits of Protein Protein is a vital dietary component and a prime compound that is found in every cell in the body. Some of the best natural sources of […]

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Surprising facts about sweating

Author: Akos Vekony Physical Education Teacher
2013 Nov. 22

Our body is a wonderful structure. To protect it and to ensure it stays in good health, we need to remove the harmful acids and toxins that results from the […]

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What is the perfect body?

Author: Csilla Javorszki Certified Personal Trainer
2013 Nov. 20

Getting that perfect body is most people’s aim. Your body is one of the greatest wonders of life. It is the showcase for your life, everything you do, or do […]

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Exercising for weight loss

Author: Michael Midgley Certified Personal Trainer
2013 Nov. 19

When it comes to weight loss, we would all like a quick solution. If you are asking yourself “How can I lose my tummy ?” or if you feel more like […]

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