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Paralysis and How Physiotherapy Can Help

Author: Dr Fawad Ali Physiotherapist
2014 Feb. 02

Paralysis is the loss of muscle use in a particular part of the body. As a result, the patient will not be able to move that body part properly. People […]

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Fasted Cardio….Good or Bad?

Author: Craig Suckling Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Feb. 01

For many of us, whether we are physique competitors, models, or just every day individuals, our primary goal is to loose as much bodyfat as we can. An ongoing debate […]

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5 warning signs of a bad diet you may be ignoring

Author: Melanie McGrice Advanced Accredited Practising Dietit...
2014 Jan. 27

As a Dietitian I see so many people, who are willing to sacrifice anything to lose weight.  Although achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is important for good health, it’s […]

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