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Superfoods: Are They Really Super?

Author: WatchFit Team Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Jan. 07

Since the beginning of the worldwide craze for superfood, the food industry has been praising the near magical powers of those nutrients that are supposed to benefit your health, act as […]

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Signs Of A Panic Attack

Author: Roseanna Miller Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Jan. 06

Everyone suffers a degree of anxiety about things, but for some, panic attacks are a common occurrence. These attacks can happen at any time, day or night and either be […]

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Clean Delicious Flaxseed Focaccia

Author: Caroline Harrison WEIGHT LOSS BOSS
2017 Jan. 04

Giving up bread is hard. It’s your toast, your sandwich, your garlic bread, the nan with your curry… There are so many different breads out there for every taste bud, […]

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What Are The Main Causes of Excessive Sweating?

Author: Siobhan Cannell Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Jan. 03

It is estimated that between 1 and 3 in every 100 people have to deal with excessive sweating. Whether you are male or female, excessive sweating can make you feel […]

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Egg Noodle Salad

Author: Caroline Harrison WEIGHT LOSS BOSS
2017 Jan. 02

Meatless nights are becoming more frequent in our house and we’re loving it. We’ve not become vegetarians, but recognize the benefit to our bodies and the planet of not eating meat […]

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Leg Toning Workouts – Part 2

Author: Joey Bull UK Fitness Champion I Leading Fitness...
2016 Dec. 30

In Part 1 multiple fitness champion and leading expert Joey Bull started to show how we can overcome any dissatisfaction we might have with our legs to create pins to […]

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