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Exercise and Cancer – Part 1

Author: Henry Van der Walt Biokineticist And elite personal trai...
2018 Jun. 01

It goes without saying that cancer is a terrible blight on modern life. In all its forms it strikes young and old, male and female the world over. Great strides […]

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Everything to Know About Balance

Author: Joey Bull UK Fitness Champion I Leading Fitness...
2017 Aug. 20

What exactly is balance and can we work on improving it? This is a very fair question about a subject that is critical to how we function but one which nearly […]

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What is Core Strength? Part 2

Author: David Lyons Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Aug. 04

As I alluded to in Part 1, knowledge of the core is perhaps not what it might be and as a result there are plenty of misconceptions on the subject. […]

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