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Anti-Ageing Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Author: Naomi Northen-Ellis Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Feb. 15

The ageing process is something that weighs on the minds of us all at some point and probably with increasing frequency as we move into middle age and beyond… As […]

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David Lyons Q&A. Part 2

Author: David Lyons Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Feb. 14

  David Lyons is no ordinary figure in the fitness world. Debilitating multiple sclerosis is no reason to stop training and take it easy. Far from it. David has set […]

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An Olympic Swimmer’s Training

Author: Ekaterina Avramova Fitness & Personal Trainers
2017 Feb. 14

Ever wondered what it takes to be a full time elite swimmer and Olympian, what it takes day in, day out to compete at the highest level? We did too, […]

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Plank Exercise For A Stronger Core

Author: Claire Aves Personal Trainer
2017 Feb. 13

When it comes to core strength exercises there are a number of options but you can’t do much better than the plank. It is often said that the best things […]

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How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

Author: Andrew Shepherd Sport and exercise Nutritionist
2017 Feb. 12

Are you getting enough sleep? On average a person requires between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. However in many countries, we are getting between a mere 4-7 hours. We often […]

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Hip Thrusts for a Perfect Bum

Author: Pollyanna Hale Health and Lifestyle coaches
2017 Feb. 11

Every woman secretly wants a perfectly round, pert bottom, even if they don’t admit it. But few will know the power of the weighted hip thrust, or even a body […]

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How To Cope With Stress

Author: Shannon Dolan ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
2017 Feb. 08

In the fitness industry I would say 90% of the clients I work with come in not only wanting to get in shape but wanting answers to coping with stress. Being […]

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The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Author: Henry Van der Walt Biokineticist And elite personal trai...
2017 Feb. 07

We’ve now reached February and are well into the new year. So how are those health and fitness related resolutions holding up? By now the novelty of the resolutions is […]

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Keep to Your Resolutions!

Author: Michael Keane Strength Coach
2017 Feb. 03

Hey there beautiful people, I wanted to wait a little bit into the New Year before sending this because we all get inundated with new year’s email and promotions. But I […]

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