There will always be times when your fitness regime gets interrupted. This could be due to injury, working away from home, childcare duties, a lack of time or simply a desire to do something different.

Whatever the reason, there is still no reason to not do something physical every day. This will alleviate any guilt you feel from missing a gym session or a planned run, as well as contributing to a healthier lifestyle. It will also help you avoid falling into bad habits, which will be harder to break later on when you want to restart a regular fitness programme.

Here are some easy-to-do, time-friendly exercises that will help you maintain fitness, keep the weight off and make you feel better in yourself.


While the kettle is boiling/bread toasting do 20 lunges, 15 press ups and 20 squats. If you are already dressed for work this regime is too short to make you sweaty, but will just give those arms and legs an extra burn before you leave the house. If you have a chair to hand you could also add in 15 triceps.

Get off the bus/train one stop early so you walk an extra half mile. By the time you arrive at work your head will be clear, you will be feeling awake and you will have burnt off 50 calories. (An average calorie count is 100 calories/mile walked)

Take the stairs, not the lift or elevator. And run up the stairs, by the time you reach the top you will have given yourself a quick cardio workout.

At lunch time go for a walk and while you are walking raise your pace to a power walk at intervals. It is even better to do this with a work colleague.

While your evening meal is cooking do a 15-minute circuit. This can involve a range of activities – push ups, lunges, squats, burpees, leg raisers, anything you want, but just that quick session will make you feel heaps better. Instead of weights, lift bags or cans or pieces of wood – the irregular shapes will make your muscles work harder.

There are heaps of magazines and websites that will give you ideas for quick exercise programmes. By doing a little every day, you will not become an elite athlete, but you will maintain a level of fitness, keep your muscles toned and active and release those all important ‘feel-good’ hormones that help you deal with stress. And it is amazing how the small sessions build up. By the time you have spent 10 minutes in the morning lunging and squatting, 30 minutes walking at lunchtime, climbed the stairs five times and done a small circuit using your briefcase as a weight, you will have completed your daily hour of exercise without entering the gym.


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