How can I get a flatter firmer tummy? When it comes to reducing tummy fat, the first thing most people do is hit as many different core exercises as they can! This is great as it will strengthen your core muscles, which are essential for all types of exercises. But this will not help lose the layer of belly fat that is covering your abdominal muscles and stopping your abs looking as toned as they should.

Food for a flatter firmer tummy

Many people will turn to diets to lose weight, but with most diets as soon as you stop or change something within the diet you will put the weight back on.


There are many fad diets out there, all promising to help you lose belly fat and achieve that flatter firmer tummy, but the best way to keep the weight off is to eat clean and count your macro’s. By macro, I mean protein, carbs and fat. Clean eating isn’t a short-term fix, this is meant to be a lifestyle change. If you want to be successful with eating clean, you must redefine your relationship with food, and continue to improve your eating habits over time. Clean eating is choosing the more natural foods as a opposed to processed stuff. Like the saying goes ‘If it is from a plant or used to move EAT IT, if it is manmade AVOID IT’.

How much food is enough?

Macro counting is easy and can be easily recorded on any sort of tracker app. Work out how much protein, carbohydrate and fat you can have on a daily basis. Calculate this by multiplying your bodyweight in pounds by 15. If you want to lose weight, take 15-20% off that total, you are now eating less calories than you would use.

Now split your daily food intake into 50 per cent protein, 30 per cent carbs and 20 per cent fat.

Here is an example:

If my calorie maintenance was 2,898, then 20% off that would equal 2,318. I could then work out my diet based on that figure. You just need the following information to help you make good choices: a gram of protein has four calories in it, a gram of carbohydrate also has four calories, while a gram of fat has nine calories. The tracker apps are great because they make it easy to track and help you make those healthier choices.

How to achieve my goal for a flatter firmer tummy

Exercises to reduce belly fat

Now your nutrition is sorted out, it is time to think about what exercises to do.

To get a flat, firm tummy you need to combine fat-busting, aerobic exercises with core strengthening activities. Check out my Youtube video on how to do some of those exercises here.

Working every part of your core – the obliques, lower back, lower and upper parts of the abs – will help give you that all round firmer feeling. With these exercises it is important to keep repetitions high and rest time low so working at 15-20 reps and 10-15 seconds rest is a great way to hit the core.

Take a little time

A flatter, firmer tummy will not happen overnight, it will take time and patience! Keep with your plan, although we all know there will be ‘bad’ days, when you give into cravings or skip an exercise class. It is how you overcome those bad days and keep moving forward. Do not let that bad day deter you from reaching your goal, pick yourself up and keep moving forward to success!


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